Welcome to my site featuring a look at financial markets, innovative investment ideas and more. I have started writing and sharing investment ideas in order to have more disciplined approach to my personal investments and for others to benefit. 

I encourage professionals, individual investors and students to follow the blog. This site will help you discover great investment ideas. It is fun, educational, free and potentially profitable. Portfolio Internal Rate of Return was 26% as of 31.12.2022.

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Performance Indicators (June 2nd, 2023)

VT=Vanguard Total Stock Market Return; XIRR=Internal Rate of Return for the model portfolio with an amount of c. $1,000 invested in each name; trading fees of $2/trade included;

Investment Objectives, Style and Tools

  • My objective is to identify global investment opportunities to return 15-20% a year from a high conviction, low turnover and concentrated portfolio of less than 15 names;
  • In general, I am looking for 20%+ return p. a. on each name including dividends, when initiating the blog post/position. I expect that some investments should not perform as expected;
  • I also assign judgmentally a risk profile for each investment (low/medium/high) as a measure of volatility and risks towards reaching my target price;
  • I publish at least one new investment idea per quarter, but aim towards publishing one idea per month;
  • I allocate initially a nominal amount of $1k for each position in the Model Portfolio and $100k on the Multi Asset Passive Portfolio so that is easy to follow and replicate at any scale.

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