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Leading Player In Chinese Medicine (Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical), June 2021

2020 Annual Review

Investment in Online Games (BAIOO Family Interactive Ltd), Nov. 2020

Eye Care Business Spin-off Opportunity (Bausch Health), Oct. 2020

Premier Defence & Aerospace Investment (BAE Systems), Aug. 2020

Riding The Cashless Trend (Pax Global Tech.), Jun. 2020

3D Printing Revolution (Stratasys), Apr. 2020

Portfolio Update In Time Of COVID, Apr. 2020

Tesla’s Cultlike Valuation, Feb. 2020

„Atomic” Company NAC Kazatom – Feb. 2020 Update

2019 Annual Review

Botox Reloaded (Revance Therapeutics), Jan. 2020

Queen Mary Ship Remains Afloat – EHT (Real Estate), Dec. 2019

Taking Profit On The Power of Genomics (Illumina), Jun. 2019

Robust Dividend by Transforming Tobacco Industry (British American Tobacco), May 2019

Empowering China Logistics (BEST INC.), Mar. 2019

Investment Opportunity in an „Atomic” Company (NAC Kazatom), Jan. 2019

Health, Happiness and Wealth at a Discount (Fosun International Ltd.), Feb.2019

Investment Opportunity in The Power of Genomics (Illumina), Feb. 2019

Investment Idea-Global Real Estate Fund (IGR), Jan.2019


Interviu Director Investitii BCR PENSII – Am trecut peste criza cu un randament pozitiv, 3 Iulie 2020

Misiunea de a găsi in­­strumente cu randamente mari și riscuri mici de­­vine tot mai complicată, New Money, 16 Dec. 2016

Cum să ai grijă de banii tăi, Revista Biz, 30dec2016

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